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Emverio Workplace Investigations


Emverio Workplace Investigations undertakes independent workplace investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct (such as workplace bullying).  Our process will allow you to make decisions that are fair and our reports will withstand robust third party review.  In addition, we use the latest technology and expertise to ensure that your investigations are not only procedurally fair, but fast and affordable. 

What we do?

We are an independent and external provider of workplace workplace investigations.


Workplace Investigations

A workplace investigations is an independent inquiry into allegations about an employee’s conduct or behaviour.

Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are non-punitive. That is, they are a non-disciplinary informal intervention designed to locate the source of the issue, identify risks to the employer and the employee and recommend potential options to assist resolve the problem.


Who we are?

Emverio Workplace Investigations is part of the larger Emverio group which provides employers with specialist expert external support.  Emverio Workplace Investigations provides affordable, compliant and robust external workplace investigations.  We specialise in investigating employee conduct such as workplace complaints about; bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, misconduct (for example timesheet fraud, theft), whistleblowing complaints and inappropriate behaviour.  


When you engage Emverio you don’t get just one investigator, you get a team. Our Emverio team understands the complex issues operating in businesses and can provide a multi-disciplinary approach. We are committed to building a relationship with you where you and your staff trust our process, no matter what the result. Talk to us directly to learn more about our service and how we can support you. Our team promise to you is that you can rely on us to conduct the investigation:

  • quickly,
  • efficiently, (on time – on budget)
  • with full communication (including being contactable with scheduled updates),
  • complying with your policies / procedures
  • in a robust way capable of withstanding external review.

Choose Us?

Over 80% of people who participate in our investigations sort our their differences and continue to work together.


Fast Response

Emverio Workplace Solutions will respond to your email or call either immediately, or on the day you call. We can conduct a mediation on-site or off-site at a convenient time to you.


Quality Service

Emverio Workplace Solutions has a unique model that supports both the employee and the employer at a competitive price. 80% of people who participate reach an agreement and we deliver the same model nationally.


National Coverage

Emverio Workplace Solutions has national coverage including; QLD, VICTORIA, NSW, ACT, WA and the regions. In addition we offer online and telephone mediations and investigations.


From The Blog




COVID-19 Announcement

Emverio Workplace Solutions acknowledges that currently we are in unprecedented times with regard to the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) and we are taking all precautions to protect our clients, our employees, associated practitioners, stakeholders and the broader community.  We would like to inform you that all our staff are working from home to reduce the potential spread of infection.  Our current services will continue to operate as usual because all the activities are conducted remotely including our external Workplace Investigations (all interviews and collection of material is done virtually) and our External Whistleblowing and Complaints Service (all complaints and communications are received via email, website and / or by the telephone).  For our Workplace Mediations, our intakes (assessments / one to one pre-mediation sessions) will now be conducted via the telephone or online and an assessment will be made by the mediator at the time regarding whether or not an in-person joint session will be necessary, essential and / or safe.  All our Workplace Training and Workshops are currently being converted to online platforms.
We wish you peace, health and safety during these difficult times.