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Emverio Workplace Solutions

Emverio Workplace Solutions is a National Workplace Investigation and Assessment business. Emverio was founded by Anna Faoagali after working some 20 years in this space, conducting Investigations and Assessments.


Anna found that the traditional methodologies that consultants were using were not responding to clients’ needs. She developed a methodology that supports both the employer and employee, and this is now used by Emverio Workplace Solutions consistently across Australia.

Our people are passionate, qualified and experienced practitioners who love to make a difference; they provide workplace investigations and workplace assessments. We use unique best practice techniques to solve workplace conflict, we will help your organisation to emverio into a stronger organisation by assisting your leaders and managers to spot and manage conflict early reducing the reliance on external support.

Our services support organisations to manage conflict and improve communication between individuals and teams no matter how simple, complex or challenging. The processes that we use are consistent, reliable and designed specifically to support workplaces manage risk, compliance and empower staff. We use fully trained local providers in all jurisdictions across Australia.

Emverio Workplace Investigations (Emverio Workplace Investigations) is part of the larger Emverio group which provides employers with specialist expert external support. Emverio Workplace Investigations provides affordable, compliant and robust external workplace investigations. We specialise in investigating employee conduct such as workplace complaints about; bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, misconduct (for example timesheet fraud, theft), whistleblowing complaints and inappropriate behaviour.

Here are three situations where you might consider engaging an external investigator;

  • Where you have a relationship or conflict of interest (for example are you perceived as being biased – for example having a friendship or a relationship with one of the parties) and / or the complainant or respondent has requested an external investigator?
  • Where the matters raised are serious and / or complex and might attract a termination if the allegations are substantiated.
  • Where you do not feel confident that you have the skills to be able to conduct an investigation that would withstand external review (such as by the Fair Work Commission).

Meet the Team

Glenn Sherwood

Senior Workplace Investigator

Alan Hutchison

Report Writer and Editor

Michael Maguire

Workplace Investigator

Angela Franklin

HR and management