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Workplace Investigations Sydney

Workplace Investigations Sydney

Workplace Investigations Sydney

Emverio Workplace Solutions offers support to workplaces who have staff in conflict, including workplace assessments and workplace investigations, for businesses operating in the Sydney area.

All of our practitioners are flexible and can accommodate any specific requests; for example, the time of the interview or the location of where you would like the interviews conducted (onsite or offsite).

Emverio Workplace Solutions also service the broader regions of NSW and accommodate online investigations conducted via video conference which are becoming increasingly popular. It provides the same level of connection with interviewees and is extremely robust as it has the capacity to not only audio record the interviews but visually record the interviews to ensure your staff are protected from any misinterpretations.

The Fair Work Commission has held that where an employee has lost confidence in its internal organisation to undertake an independent workplace investigation then it should consider engaging an external provider.  Other circumstances where you might consider engaging an external provider include: where the matter is complex (i.e. serious / many allegations and numerous interviewees), where you are compromised (i.e. have an existing relationship with someone involved in the investigation), where you don’t have the confidence or the skill.  

The types of complaints that we would recommend investigating are those complaints that would attract disciplinary action if the allegation was substantiated.  The best place to look to determine this is in your workplace policies and procedures. If you are still unclear you might want to explore the Fair Work Commission’s website.  

We recommend the Anti-Bullying Bench-book as a good start.  Alternatively, you might also want to explore Safework Australia or the Fair Work Ombudsman.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

  • Our process follows best practice standards embedded in Procedural Fairness rules and  uses the civil standard ‘Balance of Probabilities’ when weighing evidence.
  • Independent and experienced investigators supported by a national team who are there to answer any questions you may have.
  • Standardised process that applies across all jurisdictions.

Client Testimonial

We like the fact that Emverio Workplace Solutions is able to adapt their processes to suit our business needs.  We have found that we are able to trust them to investigate matters and have a consistent approach that we understand and can explain.  
- (NSW, Sydney)

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