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Workplace Investigations Brisbane

Workplace Investigations Brisbane

Workplace Investigations Brisbane

Emverio Workplace Solutions offers support to workplaces who have staff in conflict, including workplace assessments and workplace investigations, for businesses operating in the Brisbane area. We are also happy to travel to your location.  

Emverio Workplace Solutions also offers an innovative approach to investigations by using an online video conferencing platform, which is efficient, robust and has the added advantage of significantly reducing costs associated with travel and accommodation.  Client’s love this option because interviews can be conducted from the comfort and privacy of their home or from the convenience of their office. We have found not only the regional businesses love this option, but our clients in the cities are increasingly requesting this online service.

A workplace investigation is an independent inquiry into allegations about an employee’s conduct or behaviour.

Workplace investigations are recommended where the allegations are serious.  Serious allegations are those that, if substantiated, would attract disciplinary action or termination.  Some examples of these include: bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

Organisations can conduct their own internal workplace investigations.  If you undertake your own internal workplace investigations, then we recommend that you follow best practice principles, including: procedural fairness guidelines and using the balance of probabilities when weighing up your evidence.

There are times when you might need to get an external provider to undertake your workplace investigation.  The circumstances where you might consider engaging an external provider include: where a person has requested it, where you are compromised because of your relationship with a party, where you would like to maintain arms distance so you can make decisions about what further action (if any) you need to take, where you don’t have the skills or expertise to conduct the investigation.

Client Testimonial

The process was robust. I really felt confident with the communication between the investigator and our Management team
- (Queensland)
I was nervous at first, because I wasn’t sure whether we had any control over what was looked at, who to interview and the number of allegations. I didn’t want it to get out of control. And, we had a budget. Emverio stayed within the budget and the scope. We felt the service was efficient, robust and timely. We were able to make good decisions based on the report.
- (Victoria)

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Our team of professionals are here to help you with your Workplace Investigation needs in the Brisbane area. Contact us today for a confidential discussion on 1300 414 179.

If your matter is an investigation or training request, please email us or contact us so we can arrange to get one of our professionals to contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

If you would like to request a workplace investigation, please download and complete a Investigation Request Form and return it to