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Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is used when you’re not quite sure what the source of conflict is, or you need someone independent to make that assessment.

Often our clients are national, meaning that human resources and sometimes even management do not work in the same location as the team experiencing conflict. You usually get conflicting reports about what is happening, and you can’t reconcile the different versions. Maybe you inherited a team that was already dysfunctional, and you need an independent assessment about what the issues are and some ideas about how to get the team working at their optimum.

It is not a substitute for a workplace investigation. A workplace assessment is not disciplinary. A workplace investigation may be a recommendation that falls out of an assessment.

An assessment can be conducted in a number of ways from surveys, focus groups and one on one sessions with individual members of staff. At the end of the process you can either request a de-brief about the outcomes, or we can provide a written summary of the information collected, identify any risks and make recommendations for your consideration. We work with you to implement the recommendations and monitor the progress of the team.