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Emverio Workplace Investigation Webinars

Glenn Sherwood is the Senior Investigator at Emverio Workplace Investigations. With over twenty years of criminal investigation experience as a New South Wales Police Detective, Glenn now leads our workplace investigations unit as our Head of Investigations. Every workplace is presented with challenges from time to time. More often than not, these challenges are unforeseen and arise from various economic, social and market changes that impact not only the ecosystem of the workplace itself but the individuals employed. The following is an example of common assumptions and often mistakes that employers make in relation to managing a Workplace Investigation:

  1. That they understand what the true definition of a ‘Workplace Investigation’ is
  2. When a workplace investigation is actually required
  3. That an investigation is simply asking a series of questions of parties involved
  4. That staff in Human Resources have the necessary skills and experience to manage a workplace investigation

At Emverio, we are often approached by employers requiring our assistance to conduct workplace investigations and unfortunately, it’s often when one or several of the above mistakes is made. We believe that this is a result of growing pressure on all organisations to deliver ‘more with less’, a significant increase in overall instances of litigation and the significant increase in social and economic factors affecting individuals. As a result, Emverio are excited to launch a series of Webinars designed to help you understand how to conduct a Workplace Investigations.

Webinar One: The Basics - What is a Workplace Investigation

  • This module addresses what a workplace investigation is and what it isn’t.
  • How does a Workplace Investigation differ to managing a workplace conflict.
  • Common mistakes and incorrect assumptions that are made in relation to Workplace Investigations.

Webinar Two: Planning and Managing a Workplace Investigation

Now that there is an understanding of what a workplace investigation is, how do you plan for and manage a workplace investigation?

  • Preparing an investigation plan – we will provide a baseline template to get you started.
  • How to identify evidence including who to interview (witnesses or persons of interest).
  • When others need to be involved – third parties and reportable conduct.

Webinar Three - Interviewing Techniques (it’s not CSI)

The process of interviewing is critical to the effectiveness of any Workplace Investigation. This module covers:

  • Interviewing techniques.
  • Audio / video recordings.
  • Managing interviews with complainants, witnesses and respondents.

Webinar Four – Analysing evidence

Analysing the evidence that you have collected involves being able to weigh up competing versions of events, and being able to assess the veracity of various types of evidence.  Then writing it in a report so that it makes sense and that the employer is able to make some decisions about what further action may be warranted.

  • Balance of Probabilities
  • Weighing Evidence
  • Substantiated vs not substantiated

Webinar Five – Drafting and Presenting your Findings

This session is all about how you present your Findings in a methodical way.  We will cover what needs to go into the report, the order, and how to present your Findings in a robust way. 

  • What needs to go into the report (we will provide you with a draft report)
  • Presenting the Findings
  • Decision making (what next?)?

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